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Safari Bug Leaks Users’ Browser History And Google Account Info

A software bug in Apple’s Safari 15 can let any website obtain your recent internet and even some Google account info, as well as...

Apple Removes Clones Of “Wordle” From App Store

The start of 2022 saw the internet taken over by a web-based word guessing game, Wordle, which resulted in several developers creating copycat app...

Microsoft Reveals MacOS “Powerdir” Vulnerability That Allowed Access To User Data

Microsoft's 365 Defender Research Team on Monday in a blog post revealed that they had uncovered a new macOS vulnerability "powerdir" that could allow...

Apple HomeKit Bug Can Kill iOS Devices

A persistent denial of service (DoS) vulnerability has been discovered in Apple’s HomeKit API that causes iOS and iPadOS devices to freeze, crash, and...
Amazon alexa

Alexa Encouraged A 10-Year-Old Girl To Try A Dangerous TikTok Challenge

A shocking incident has come to light where Amazon’s voice AI assistant, Alexa challenged a 10-year-old girl to perform a life-risking TikTok challenge. For those...
duckduckgo browser

DuckDuckGo Is Building Its Own Privacy-Focused Desktop Browser

In a blog post on Monday, DuckDuckGo recapped some of the progress that the search engine made in 2021, and also gave a first...
Endpoint Detection

4 Security Threats Facing Your Personal Devices and how Endpoint Detection Neutralizes Them

Cybersecurity is a major topic these days, and understandably so. Given the rise of ransomware and ever-evolving cyber threats, our online activities could potentially...
android malware

Joker Malware Infects Over 500,000 Android Devices

Researchers from mobile security company Pradeo have revealed that the Color Message app infected with Joker malware has been downloaded more than 500,000 times by...

Steam, Apple iCloud, And Minecraft Vulnerable To Zero-Day Exploit

Several popular services, including Apple iCloud, Steam, Amazon, Twitter, Cloudflare and Minecraft are left vulnerable to a 'ubiquitous' zero-day exploit that has been discovered...
apple airtag

Apple’s AirTag Are Being Used For Car Thefts In Canada

Apple's AirTag is being exploited to track and steal high-end vehicles across York Region in Ontario, Canada, reported the local police. For those unaware, in April...