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Secuirty Leak

Major Security Leak Leaves Samsung, LG, And Others Vulnerable To Attack

A major Android security leak has led to the creation of “trusted” malware apps that allows hackers to gain system-level access to the entire...
medical devices

Post-Market Surveillance for Medical Devices is Serious Business

Adding to the list of unwieldy cybersecurity terms and phrases the world has to inevitably become familiar with is “internet of medical things (IoMT)...

Meta Fined €265M For Facebook Data Breach That affected 500M Users

Facebook’s parent group Meta Platforms Inc. on Monday was fined €265m (£228m) by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) for a data breach discovered...

Twitter Data Breach Compromises Over 5.4 Million Accounts

Data of more than 5.4 million Twitter users have been shared on a hacker forum for free that contains non-public information acquired through an...
cctv cameras

Remove Chinese CCTV Cameras From ‘Sensitive’ Areas, Orders UK Government

The UK government on Thursday ordered its departments to stop installing Chinese-linked surveillance cameras on “sensitive sites”, citing security risks. The new policy order applies...
android phone vulnerable

These Android Smartphones Are Vulnerable To Hack Coz Of ‘Patch Gap’

Several Android smartphones from manufacturers including Google, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and others are vulnerable to a set of five exploitable vulnerabilities in ARM’s Mali...

WhatsApp Phone Numbers Of Around 500 Million Users Up For Sale

Beware, if you are a WhatsApp user, there are chances that your phone number may be up for sale! In a recent breach of data...
icloud for windows stranger photo

iCloud For Windows Showing Photos From Strangers & Corrupted Videos

Many Apple users have started complaining about experiencing serious issues with the iCloud for Windows app, particularly in regard to photo and video storage. For...

Apple Gets Sued Over App Store User Data Collection  

Apple is facing a proposed class-action lawsuit that accuses it of violating user privacy by tracking, collecting, and monetizing the personal data of iPhone users,...
samsung smartphone

Surveillance Vendor Exploited Zero-Days Vulnerability In Samsung Phone

The Project Zero team at Google revealed that a commercial surveillance vendor was exploiting three zero-day security vulnerabilities in newer Samsung smartphone models to...