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Android has taken the largest bite of the smartphone and devices market. Be it tablets, phones, TVs, home light solutions, or anything you can think of, and it has the Big G’s blend on it. Explore all the tips, tricks, and troubleshooting that your device will ever need.


9 Best Android OS For PC (32, 64 bit)- 2022

Android is the most popular operating system in the world for smartphones. Developed by Google, Android can be used on a variety of devices...
Pixel Fold

Google Has Delayed The Pixel Fold Again

Pixel Fold, the much-hyped foldable smartphone from Google, which is rumored to take on foldable smartphones from tech giants like Samsung, Honor, Oppo, Huawei,...
Google Will Ban All Third-Party Call Recording Apps From Play Store

Google Will Ban All Third-Party Call Recording Apps From Play Store

Call recording is a great feature that's exclusively available for Android smartphones. Generally, smartphone manufacturers bundle their call recording app with other bloatware. However, if...
Google Messages

Google Messages Bug Is Draining Your Android Phone’s Battery

One of the best ways to save battery life on Android smartphones is by limiting the unnecessary background apps and processes. That said the thought...
Android ALAC Vulnerability Featured

This Critical bug on Android could get access to your Media files

If you use Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC), you could be a target. Apparently, security researchers have found out that devices powered by Qualcomm...

How To Install Windows 11 On Android Smartphones?

If you are wondering about How To Download Windows 11 On Android Phone? this article is just for you! Despite a rocky start, Windows 11...
Play Store malware

Google removes Six antivirus apps with Malware from the Play Store

It seems like Google's effort to counter malware-infected apps is falling short as the Play Store gets too many such apps to tackle. Researchers have...
single eSIM via MEP

Soon SIM will not be required on Phones, Google working on MEP

Smartphones have moved from regular-sized SIM cards to nano ones, and now even eSIMs are available. However, technology hasn’t evolved much of late. One...
Android 12L is releasing soon

Google’s Android 12L Is Coming To Tablets And Foldables Near You

At the Android Developer Summit last year, Google had announced that it is working on the Android 12L operating system, which is designed specifically...
Android App cloners

10 Best Android App Cloners in 2022 [ Run Multiple Accounts ]

Android App cloners are great tools if you need to run multiple accounts of the same app. Nowadays, we all have multiple social media...