This real-life full size robot works!

It looked like a scene straight out from the Hollywood movie ‘Avatar’ when Hankook Mirae, a Korean company, recently debuted a real, life-sized robot with a pilot on board.

The designer of the robot, Hollywood SFX veteran Vitaly Bulgarov has posted a video on Facebook showing the robot in action. The 13-feet-tall robot that weighs 1.3-ton was created to work in extreme conditions where humans cannot go without any protection. However, this robot won’t be available anytime soon and not without a power source that’s portable enough.

The company’s short-term goal is to build a tethered robotic platform with industrial applications, says Bulgarov. Further, if the machine really needs to pass through rough terrains where there’s nowhere to plug it in, the company could support its upper part on a larger wheeled base that can accommodate a solid power source.

Catch the mech walking right here:

And, here is Bulgarov taking control of the robot’s 286-pound arms:

Source: Engadget