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If you think you are smart enough to help us improve our viewer experience in any way, you are welcome to join us.

Location– WFH


Video Content Creator/ Presenter and Editor (English Only) (Intern)

We are hiring Interns who can create and edit Youtube Videos/ Shorts reels related to tech Guides and tutorials.

Responsibilities include:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Video Presenting
  • Video Editing


1. **Clear Communication**: The ability to articulate thoughts clearly and concisely is paramount. This includes proper pronunciation, adequate volume, and clear enunciation.

2. **Confidence**: Confidence is key in video presentations. This involves maintaining eye contact with the camera, having good posture, and showing enthusiasm for the topic.

3. **Engagement**: Engaging the audience is essential. This can be achieved through interactive dialogue, asking rhetorical questions, or incorporating visuals and demonstrations that relate to the content.

4. **Preparation**: Being well-prepared is a must. This means understanding the material thoroughly, having a structured outline, and rehearsing the presentation multiple times.

5. **Technical Skills**: Basic technical skills are necessary, such as operating a camera, using a microphone, and editing video content. Understanding lighting and sound basics can also enhance video quality.

6. **Language Mastery**: A strong grasp of English, including vocabulary, grammar, and style, is important, especially if the audience is diverse.

7. **Adaptability**: The ability to adapt to live feedback, technical issues, or unexpected questions is important. This flexibility can help maintain professionalism under pressure.

8. **Audience Awareness**: Knowing the audience and tailoring the presentation to their interests, knowledge level, and expectations can make a presentation more effective.

9. **Pacing and Timing**: Good pacing keeps the audience engaged. It’s important to know when to slow down for complex information or speed up to maintain energy.

10. **Non-verbal Communication**: Body language, gestures, and facial expressions play a big role in conveying enthusiasm and sincerity.


Apply at- [email protected]