When Facebook is strengthening it’s social networking presence all over the world, hacking it’s users account is becoming alluring thing to many a hackers, day by day. The rapid increase in the hacked Facebook account shows the trend of hacking going up day by day.
How to Fix your Hacked Facebook Account
To many people Facebook is the main time passing stuff and it’ll surely be a shocking news if one day you find it HACKED. So in Techworm, it’s our duty to keep our readers safe and sound from this kind of hacks. there are many ways to hack a Facebook account but describing all of them is beyond the scope of this article. today we are going discuss how to fix that hacks.

Reclaim your account

If you can no longer login to Facebook, you’ll want to follow these instructions from the Facebook Help Center

My account is hacked. If your account is sending out spam (ex: advertisements or suspicious links) or was taken over by someone else, secure it here.

After you’ve navigated to facebook.com/hacked, click the blue “Continue” button and follow the instructions.  Once done, you can reclaim your account.  Be sure to set a very complex password this time around. 

Change your Facebook password

It’s possible your Facebook woes are coming from the result of a phishing scam. Someone may have created a fake website that looks like Facebook or another online service you visit and tricked you into logging in. Their goal was to steal your password and other account credentials, and they may have succeeded.

In this case, you should change your password on Facebook. 

If changing your password fixes your Facebook problems, you should change your password for all your other services too, especially if you use the same password for them as you previously used on Facebook. If this doesn’t fix the problem, try the next step. 

Remove unwanted Facebook apps

It’s possible your Facebook woes are coming from some rogue app that you accidentally installed or were tricked into installing. Every Facebook app asks for certain permissions to when you install the same.  Some of these permissions you can modify, while others you cannot.  Rogue apps tend to use your Facebook timeline for their phishing or spam endeavours.

Your best bet is to remove all the Facebook apps you find suspicious.
If you don’t know how to Remove Facebook Apps, here is a short described method.
Go to Account Settings>App>Select the App you find suspicious>Remove App>in the Confirmation click on the Remove> Done!
If cleaning out your apps fixes your Facebook problems, tell your friends they should do the same (chances are the app asked your friends to install it as well). If this doesn’t fix the problem, try the next step. 

Get some security software and run a virus scan

It’s possible your Facebook woes are coming from some sort of malware, be it a keylogger, a trojan, or some other type of virus. Even if you think your computer is clean, it can’t hurt to check.

We wholeheartedly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials –it’s free and gets the job done very well. Another good one is Malwarebytes. Other free alternatives include Avira and Avast.
The aforementioned security programs are for Windows. If you have a Mac, try using the antivirus from Sophos.
After running the virus scan, clean out whatever the program detects. If you’re not sure about what the AV has  found save the log file and ask a friend who might.  All Antivirus products generate a log file which you can use to troubleshoot your machine.  You can also ask for help in various tech forums.
Hope this Helps. Don’t forget to comment if you have any questions or facing some other kind of problems with your facebook account. Stay Tuned For More Tutorials for safeguarding your PC from cyber criminals.

You may ask relevant trouble shoot questions to the admin of techworm in the comments section.


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