28 year old Russian is the owner of iCloud Hacks leaked images website

iCloud Hacks latest updates

News just keeps on flowing on the iCloud hack.  As per reports, the Russia based website that is hosting the NSFW celeb photos was in no way involved in the hacking scandal, contrary to common belief that the poster is the iClouds hacker. Sergei Kholodovskii, a 28 old Russian is just acting as a facilitator for the images and has no qualms in hosting the NSFW images aboard his website.

“All the photos on our website were taken from open sources, no individual’s privacy was violated,” says the owner of the site, Sergei Kholodovskii. Sergei has also put up disclaimers on his website to specify this. Kholodovskii has also said that he does does not see any issue in hosting the images and will host more images, should they become available.

Serious Intent

Kholodovskii’s site, has images of approximately 126 female Hollywood celebrities arranged in alphabetic order. As one would expect, there will be attempts to takedown the images from the celebrities themselves as well as privacy groups, as also to shout down/block the site itself. The website uses Cloudfare’s content delivery network to protect it from Distributed Denial of Services attacks, abuses, threats as well as to higher bandwidth and faster load times.

Kholodovskii also uses multiple mirrors to ensure even if a few servers crash, anyone wanting access to the images will not be disheartened.

“If somebody is unhappy to the point of taking action to sue us — well, we’ll just shut down the website and that will be it,” Kholodovskii told The Sun.

Sergei justifies his actions by saying that if there are any requests made to take down content from the celebrities /their representatives,  he will gladly oblige and remove the images.

That doesn’t explain why the content is still around on his website given that the iCloud hacks are generating such hype and scrutiny worldwide. Surely not all the celebrities want the entire world to see their personal pictures with Jennifer lawrence even labelling the entire scandal as a ‘sex crime’ equating it with crime.

Money Matters

The site depends on aggressive advertising to rake in the moolah and judging by the fact that the website has received 3 million hits since its inception, its no wonder why the owner is going to so many lengths to earn a profit.

Part 5 of iCloud Hacks leaks update

Meanwhile the site hosting the Hollywood celebrities doesnt look to be cooling off either.  The site in question may belong to Sergei as Techworm couldnt trace the owner of the site. since the whois is hidden through Privacy Protection.  Today the leakers posted images of yet another 7 Hollywood celebrities.  Supermodel, Allegra Carpenter, Kaime O’Teter, British actress, Lauren O’Neil, TV star, Lindsay Clubine, Miss Virginia USA, 2013, Shanon McAnally, Wailana Geisen and Nina Stavris are victims of this latest leak.

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