EZTV goes live again after being shut down for two weeks

EZTV made a full recovery today after being down alongwith The Pirate Bay and other torrent websites

One of the victims of the collateral damage from The Pirate Bay raid and shut down was popular torrent website EZTV.  Nearly two weeks ago Swedish police raided a center in the city of Nacka, close to Stockholm and closed down the data center hosting The Pirate Bay.  Though TPB was the main target of the raid, but sites like EZTV, Zoink, Torrage and the Istole tracker went offline with TPB that day.

The EZTV takedown hit the torrent fans hard as EZTV specialises in TV torrents.  But fortunately for EZTV, its crew had managed to recover several servers after the raids and takedowns, which they used today to restart the services and serve the latest TV torrents again.

EZTV crew told TorrentFreak that getting the entire site up and running was a difficult challenge but they have successfully completed it today.  With it being up, torrent fans seem to queuing up for their fresh dose of TV shows.  This also means that some of the readers may face problems opening the website, but a couple of refreshes will do the trick quite nicely.

While EZTV may have fully recovered, many other sites hit by the raid are still experiencing problems. Out the many that took hit on 9th December, The Pirate Bay, Zoink, Istole are still no where being close to starting.


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