Lizard Squad to allegedly release PlayStation 4 Jailbreak in 2015

Sony PlayStation 4 Hack Allegedly Allows Users To Play Pirated Games And Go Online Without PS Plus

Reports and rumours indicate that Lizard Squad have allegedly managed to make a PlayStation 4 jailbreak and they are going to release the same to all users in 2015.

Kdramastars states that Lizard Squad have allegedly successfully jailbroken the PlayStation 4 and now are going to go public with the same.

The base of the rumour is that during the Lizard Squads DDoSing of Xbox Live and PS4 in Chritsmas holidays,  Cyberland said that the Lizard Squad hacker group was reportedly able to find a security flaw in the latest 2.03 firmware of the PlayStation 4 which allowed them to look into the root files of PS4’s OS and modify it to run their own code. The Cyberland also notes that Lizard Squad took their code from the previous PS4 jailbreak hack made by “Reckz0r”. Cyberland stated that the new code would allow users to run ISO copies of Playstation 4 games without any authentication.

Graham Cluley of had reported way back in November 2013 that a hacker called Reckz0r has published what appears to be a way to jailbreak the new PlayStation 4 to play pirated games. Reckz0r has published a tutorial on how to jailbreak the PS4, which makes use of Orbis OS (as it is based on FreeBSD, an open source OS). Rumours have it that the Lizard Squad seems to have sourced the PS4 jailbreak code from Reckzor.

Kdramastars also states that a member of the unknown member Lizard Squad made a post on 4Chan stating that the chip they used to find the security flaw in the PS4 would be available for everyone to try this 2015. The website adds that, the member also said that they have included their Jailbreak hack method in the chip that allegedly allows the user to play pirated games and to go online without the need for PS Plus.

Kdramastars says that the hack allegedly allows the users to update their games via PSN for free and are also able to play cracked DLC content for a specific game.

It is to be noted that the above has not been confirmed news by any independent news sources.  The highly vocal and publicity hungry Lizard Squad have also said nothing in this regard.  Further since the release of source code by Reckzor as identified by Graham Cluely way back in November 2013, the same has never been used publicly nor has there been news of anybody exploiting the PSN with the same.

Kdramastars is a news website catering to Chinese and Japanese users.

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  1. Kdramastars is lying. They’ve been copy and pasting that same bullsh*t article every few month but they allways use a different source. This time they used Lizard Squad. They’re a bunch of losers who spread FUD all the time. The email from Sony is obviously fake.


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