Chinese kids play bizarre Angry Birds with live Sparrows and Fireworks tied to them

Chinese kids use fireworks to play a bizarre form of Angry Birds with live sparrows

Horrendous and inhuman is the words that describe the Live Angry Birds game played by some children in China. If you have played Angry Birds game on your smartphone and tablets, you know it is a game where the player has to fling across birds at a pigs fortress and destroy it in order to progress to the next round.

However the Chinese kids are playing a sadistic live version of Angry Birds game by actually tying a live firecracker to a live Sparrow and watching it explode. A Chinese activist, Huang Chu, made this bizarre discovery in Lantian county in north-western China’s Shaanxi province, after he spotted children running away from something in a local park.

Chu decided to investigate the team of children running after something and found that it was an unexploded firework.  He said that he realised it was not going to go off as the fuse had run out, but when he went to walk past it, he saw there was a sparrow tied to the side of the firework. Chu said, ‘I took a picture and then I set it free, and it flapped off under a bush.’

He then spoke to people in the park, where the children had been setting off fireworks all morning, and found several more bloodied and mutilated dead birds which had already been torn apart by the fireworks. He enquired with a local boy, ‘I spoke to an older boy who told me that the others had been playing Angry Birds, shooting the fireworks across the park and pretending to be playing the video game of the same name.’

Astonished Chu discovered that the kids were actually playing a live version of Angry Birds with live Sparrows. The children trapped the birds in a variety of ways – including using catapults to knock them down – before strapping the stunned or injured birds to fireworks, lighting them and sending them into the air to explode.

After discovering the horrible and inhuman game, Chu posted the images ‘because people should be aware of what’s happening and maybe it will increase pressure for animal rights laws to finally be introduced here in China.’

Chu also approached officials to toughen up animal protection laws after he discovered the kids killing live Sparrows during their so called Angry Birds ‘game.’


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