Kickass Torrent website taken down after domain seizure

Kickass Torrent domain seized by authorities, moves to its old .To domain again

The worlds most popular torrent websites Kickass Torrent today lost access to its .So domain name. As per the reports available, the Somalian Internet registration authorities have now banned Kickass from using its .so domain registry.

After the downfall of The Pirate bay in December, Kickass was ruling the roost of the torrent jungle with a millions of unique visitors per day. It seems that its popularity caused some angry nerves with the copyright groups and that sounded the death knell for its .so domain.

Kickass has been moving to different domain names to evade law enforcement and copyright advocacy groups for some time now.

In case you are visiting the kickass with so domain you will be shown as the website has been banned.


Moving back to its old .To domain

Though unlike Piratebay whose entire data center was knocked out after the police raid, Kickass had to only deal with domain seizure, therefore it quickly responded by moving to its old .To domain name.  The .To domain belong to Tonga, officially the Kingdom of Tonga, a Polynesian sovereign state.

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  1. .to , .so all down. I am really getting tired of this shit. Torrent sites are used for LEGIT file sharing. Many Linux distro’s and other VALID free software use this to save money.


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