Amanda Budurka, former employee of Amazon stole $18,260 / €16,830 from the gift card vouchers which she had issued to her customers.

Amazon gift cards can be used for purchasing different items from retailers across the world. These gift cards / vouchers can be gifted as present to the customers. It seems that Amanda Budurka aged 23, who used to work for Amazon’s fulfillment office which is located at West Pittston, was robbing her customer’s gift card. Her robbery came into light when Sheila Hamm, an Amazon investigator, detected that the funds from 315 cards opened by Burduka had been robbed from Amazon accounts. Actually for a long time customers of Amazon had been complaining that the gift cards / vouchers issued by Amazon were useless, meaning either there was no credit attached or they were not being accepted by the system. Hence a detailed investigation was conducted and Sheila Hamm, an investigator found that Amanda Budurka had started this fraudulent expedition  since Christmas 2013.

Amanda Budurka, used to steal the vouchers which she herself had issued to the customers and transferred the funds to her personal accounts. The investigation found she had two accounts and one of them had $670 / €616 and the other less than $3 / €2. The total robbery sums up to $18,260 /  €16,830 however the bank accounts show very little amount. Once Sheila Hamm got the details she reported the case to Martin Rakaczewski, loss prevention manager of Amazon. Budurka confirmed her fraud act and signed the  statement accounting her deeds. She is currently on unsecured bail worth $5000 / €4,600 and awaiting a preliminary hearing set for March 25th 2015.

It is just shocking to see how people use their smartness to rob innocent people of their gifts too!


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