Facebook brawl gets dirty : Colorado men arrested in stabbing over Facebook post

Facebook stabbing victim says he’s lucky to be alive, two men arrested for stabbing

A Facebook brawl that got ugly took place in Longmont, Colorado.  A Colorado citizen and a Facebook user, Justin Romero got into an ugly argument with two people, Mitchell Mailand and David C. Dominguez on Facebook Messenger. Before things could get in control, 29 year old Mailand and 30 year old Dominguez went to Romero’s house and stabbed him four times.

The argument took place over a family dispute which was playing out on Facebook messenger. Both Mailand and Dominiguez were not known to Romero and somehow got involved in the dispute. Mailand had a heated exchange with Romero on the Messenger.

“And the whole time, I know this sounds stupid, but I was joking about it,” Romero said. “Not joking, but making a joke of it.”

Mailand turned up on Wednesday night at Romero’s doorstep. “I was expecting a fist fight, and when he came over, that’s what I was expecting, a fist fight, one on one,” Romero said.

According to KDVR-TV, 29-year-old Mitchell Mailand surrendered to authorities on Saturday evening and was arrested for 1st and 2nd degree assault charges in connection to the attack on a Longmont, Colorado, man last Wednesday evening.

A second suspect, identified as 30-year-old David C. Dominguez, was arrested in his Jefferson County home early Sunday morning. He has been charged with burglary, aggravated robbery, assault, menacing and criminal mischief.

Witnesses present at the crime scene told KDVR that the weapon appeared to be a cellphone that had been smashed to create a jagged edge. Romero was taken to a Colorado hospital where he underwent surgery for what are described as non-life threatening injuries.

Bond for Mailand has been set at $50,000, while Dominguez’ bond was set at $25,000.

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