Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Preview version available for free for Mac OS X users

The Office 2016 Mac Preview is available for Free Download and Evaluation for Apple’s Mac OS X users

Microsoft today released the Office 2016 Preview version of Mac and made it available for testers and evaluation Mac OS X users.

Microsoft has made many changes to the upcoming Office 2016 for Mac, one of them is the user interface. Microsoft has tried to mix the features from previous Windows versions and blend it into the new 2016 version for Mac. So now the user interface looks and feels pretty much same if you have Windows version or a Mac 2016 version.

Other distinctive change is that Microsoft has integrated all the Office 2016 for Mac with cloud storage. This feature was severely lacking in the previous Mac version but was available in Office 2013 for Windows. This integration now offer Mac users seamless editing capability across both Windows and Mac platform. For example you have saved a  document on OneDrive, you can easily edit it on Windows as well as Mac via the integrated features of Microsoft Office.

There are quite a few interesting features in Office 2016 for Mac like a better dictionary, a style pane for designing the documents, etc..

Microsoft has also allowed co-authoring, allowing two or more people, to work on a same document at the same time. According to the reports, Office 2016 for Mac will be officially available for the users by the end of this summer.

So if you are Mac user and did like to try out the Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 Preview version, it available here for your evaluation.

Source : Microsoft Office Blog.


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