Environment friendly Grass made Smartphone is here

Smartphone made entirely out grass; would you like to try it out?

Smartphones come in various casing varying from metal to entirely plastic but what if someone offers you a smartphone with a casing entirely made out of grass?

A pioneer in recycled products, Design Works has been testing a mobile phone that’s composed of entirely recycled and natural products, with one major ingredient being blades of grass.

Designer Sean Miles has managed to create a complete smartphone case out of grass which not only would stand out in the crowd but also look pretty neat.

The grass is cast in a mold with recycled resin then baked for 24 hours to create a smooth and eco-friendly casing for your smartphone.

Sean Miles, the designer responsible for this innovative gadget, has been commissioned  by O2 Recycle, a division of the telecommunication company that promotes recycling, to make a smartphone out of grass. According to Miles, his grass phone is the first phone made from 100 percent natural and recycled material.

It is the first mobile phone made entirely from recycled and natural products, he says. The phone’s casing – which is integrated into the phone – is made from recycled resin and specially treated grass clippings.

“This creates a composite material, like carbon fibre”, says Miles, which can be used as an alternative to plastic injection moulding.

But the team at Design Works was surprised at the success of the proof-of-concept, and are now investigating whether the technique can be used on a mass scale.

If indeed such a product is made available commercially,  it would not only impress the green crowd but also be a hit among the fashionistas.


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