EvilAP Defender Free Tool to identify and disable rogue access points

Network administrators can now identify and bring down rogue access point (AP) by using EvilAP Defender Tool

Rogue access points can wreak havoc on any Wi-Fi client be it businesses or homes. Security researcher, Mohamed Idris has developed a free tool for network administrator to identify and bring down such rogue access points called EvilAP Defender.

EvilAP Defender application can come in handy in Evil Twin attacks, which consist in impersonating a legitimate Wi-Fi, tricking users into connecting to a device controlled by cybercriminals. Idris says that the tool is particularly handy because he included functionality allowing the administrator to run denial-of-service activity against the malicious device, in order to gain more time to set up stronger defenses.

Different access points can be distinguished through identifiers, attributes and tagged parameters (additional values sent along with the beacon frame), and EvilAP Defender relies on these characteristics to determine an impersonating device.

Network administrators can configure the application to take into consideration only the BSSID (basic service set identifier), they can include various attributes (channel, cipher, privacy protocol, and authentication), or they can also add the organizationally unique identifier (OUI) into the mix.

Idris says that at the moment there is no software-based access point that permits changing the tagged parameters, so the third option seems like the best choice for making sure rogue devices do not duplicate the characteristics of a legitimate one.

“Additionally you can configure the tool to perform DoS on discovered evil AP in order to give the administrator more time to react,” Idris says.

The app also has a built-in safety measure which doesn’t allow DoSing legitimate networks.

“However, notice that the DoS will only be performed for evil APs which have the same SSID but different BSSID (AP’s MAC address) or running on a different channel. This to avoid DoS to your legitimate network,” he says.

He also informs that the DoS attack function of the tool comes with safety measures and can only be used on APs with the same SSID (service set ID) and a different BSSID or a different frequency channel; otherwise, the network administrator would end up hitting their own devices.

Another feature available in EvilAP Defender is the possibility to alert the admin via email whenever a malicious device is detected. Idris plans to add SMS support in near future.

A “learning mode” that permits whitelisting valid devices is also present in the app. When activated, the tool scans for wireless networks and highlights with green the legitimate ones.

The list of requirements for running EvilAP Defender includes Aircrack-ng suite with a supported wireless network card, MySQL and Python. The tool is available for download on GitHub.

Resource : Softpedia.


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