48 hours after Grand Theft Auto 5 is released, modders hack into the game to allow for modding.

GTA 5 has been released hand hackers hack it!   It’s just over been 48 hours since Rockstar released their latest magnum opus game Grand Theft Auto V PC and Rockstar’s latest open-world game has already been cracked to allow for modding.

Roackstar had tried its best to prevent hacking of PC version of GTA V by building several security measures into it, without its go ahead. According to popular GTA modder ENB, “Rockstar did everything to prevent modding of GTA V,” ENBSeries wrote on modding website ENBdev.

Aparently whatever security Rockstar built into GTA V was  not enough because shortly after modders thought it would be nearly impossible to hack into GTA V,  another, GTA modders, GooD-NTS revealed they have hacked into the game and have gained access to its file archives. GooD-NTS backs up their claim of hacking into GTA V by posting several screenshots on GTAforums.com.

48 hours after Grand Theft Auto 5 is released, modders hack into the game to allow for modding.
More screenshots available on the forum

Now that GTA V’s archive files have been exposed, modders will be able to mod the game to their heart’s content as they can access character models, textures, and A.I. scripts.

GTA IV was given a extended life by modders because of different mods being available, so, the GTA V hacking will help modders to keep the GTA V going for at least another 5 years.

It is not known why Rockstar is not putting the GTA V source code into open forums because modding definitely helps them in both aspects, popularity as well as extending the longevity of the game.

You can download the source files here.


  1. They haven’t hacked or cracked anything. They managed to get a file listing. BFD. That file listing shows all the files to be encrypted. I’m going to guess that R* didn’t use weak encryption. Sorry, you got nothing here but ignorance.


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