Uber user claims that hackers ran up a £3,000 ($4500) bill on his Uber account

Hackers ran a bill of £3,000 ($4500) on my uber account says London based record-producer and he is not alone

Imagine somebody hacking your Uber account and running up bills in 1000s for rides which you did not take. Well, a London record-producer claims he has been billed for £3,000 or $4500 worth of Uber rides he didn’t take.

British paper Evening Standard reported that 35 year old Mike Crossley’s Uber account was hacked and he was virtually taken for a ride.

Crossley alleges that over the course of 10 days, unknown hackers took 142 Uber rides using his account racking up a £3,000 bill which he has to pay. “Most of the time they were using the expensive luxury service to run up the bill,” he said. “They were quite random although there was an address in Westminster they went to more than once.”

Uber has on its part denied any breach but promised Crossley refund of £3,000 billed in his name.

However Crossley isnt the only Uber user to claim his account has been hacked, hundreds of Uber users have claimed that their accounts were hacked over past week.

Motherboard’s Joseph Cox on 27th March, published a report of having found “thousands” of Uber passenger accounts being sold on underground forums on the dark web for $1 and $5. The sellers were also guaranteeing that buyers could use the original owners’ credit card details to order themselves rides for free.

Uber has so far rubbished Cox’s allegations and said that their servers havent been breached. But with so many usernames and passwords floating around its a question of how they became public in the first place.

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