Windows 10 to have 3D Start Menu; Leaked GIF points to 3D Live Tiles

Microsoft to make Start Menu in Windows 10 with 3D Tiles in Windows 10 Build 10102? Windows 10’s 3D Live Tiles Spotted in Leaked GIF

Looks like Microsoft is pulling up all the tricks in the trade to make a successful launch out of Windows 10 operating system. One of the changes and maybe a game changer in a sense is that Microsoft will be adding 3D Live Tiles in the Start Menu in the forthcoming Build 10102. The 3D live tiles is a unique idea and would make the operating system itself a little bit more enjoyable.

The Start Menu with 3D Live Tiles were leaked when screenshots became public today. According to reports the Live Tiles are being tested by Microsoft engineers and would be deployed in the next technical preview build.

Right now Microsoft is testing Windows 10 Build 10061 in beta and reports indicate that the forthcoming Windows 10 build 10102 comes with what seem to be 3D live tiles that are based on a brand new animation coming into effect when launching the Start menu.

The rumours of Live 3D tiles was floating around when Windows 10 Technical Preview was yet to be launched and hence it is not clear whether these 3D live tiles would require additional tweaking, but there’s no doubt that many app developers would want their apps to have such effects because they surely look nice.

Since Windows 10 is a one size fits all operating systems, the 3D Live Tiles would look good especially on Windows 10 powered smartphones and this may one of the reasons Microsoft is pushing ahead with the interactive tiles. Microsoft would be next build next week and it remains to be seen whether the build has 3D Live Tiles and numbered 10102.

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