Cyanogen and Truecaller collaboration to bring caller id on Cyanogen powered smartphones

Cyanogen partners Truecaller to bring caller ID to Cyanogen powered phones

Cyanogen has announced a strategic partnership with Truecaller and under the terms of the deal, all Cyanogen OS powered smartphones will get web enabled caller ID.

According to the Verge, Truecaller will come as a built-in service on Cyanogen OS and users are required to enable it. After enabling Truecaller on their smartphones, Truecaller will pull caller details from its web server and inform the user about the identity of the incoming caller within few seconds.

Dave Herman, Cyanogen’s vice president of product says that Truecaller on Cyanogen OS is more than merely identifying numbers. Besides identifying an incoming caller, it lets users report bad numbers and keep spammers at bay. Truecaller database includes about 1.7 billion numbers and if any incoming caller has been spammer, scammer or unsolicited advertisers, the Truecaller will show it on the user’s screen.

Herman added that customers still see the phone number, but then they see that 635 people have marked it as a spam call and instantly they can answer it or decide whether to reject it. According to Herman, around 100 million people are using Truecaller worldwide.

As reported by us earlier, Cyanogen is preparing to live out of the Google Android shell. It has already inked a deal with Microsoft to bring native integration of Microsoft Apps like Bing, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook and Microsoft Office into Cyanogen OS later this year.

The Truecaller integration into Cyanogen OS is a part of grand strategy of Cyanogen Inc to diversify and come out of Android shadow. Users who already have the app installed will also be able to keep using it.


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