New Anonymous Login feature on Facebook Apps to help you to hide personal data

Facebook to introduce Anonymous Login feature for Apps to preserve your privacy while sharing information

Facebook has introduced an Anonymous Login feature to help you maintain your privacy when sharing information with applications run by third party. This feature allows you to log into apps without sharing personal information.

This let’s the users decide on what personal data these apps should receive at the time of login and gives more command in the hands of the users.

In addition, Facebook also has announced a new version of Facebook Login. This new version allows the users to decide and choose what information the apps should get by checking or unchecking categories one by one. Further, it does not allow the app to post any data to Facebook without the user’s permission.

At the f8 developers’ conference, other than the above the various improvements announced include a remodeled App Control Panel, which the company writes in its blog is a principal place for users to view and take charge of the apps they use.

By introducing the Anonymous Login feature, Facebook is trying to resolve the issues of its users who want to try out various apps but are not ready to share any data about themselves.

The Anonymous Login feature will allow the users to access the app without being anxious about their information being obtained by the app. It also allows the users the option to share any additional information at a later stage, if they want to.

The new feature is currently being tested with a few developers. Facebook has plans to extend it to more developers in the coming months.

The new Login is slated to be released in the next few months, while the updated app control panel will be available in the coming weeks.

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