Huawei to Build Google’s Next-Gen Nexus Android M Smartphones

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei joins hands with Google to build its Android M powered Nexus smartphones

It is now confirmed that Huawei has finally struck deal with Google for manufacturing its Next-Gen Nexus Android M powered smartphones.

A source working for Huawei’s UK division and familiar with the company’s plans told IBTimes UK, that the company is working closely with Google to manufacture its Next-Gen Nexus Android M powered smartphones. However, the source could only give the confirmation regarding the deal and was not able to provide either further details regarding the specifications of the devices nor the exact launch date and just mentioned that the device would be launched towards the end of this year.

Google, uses its Nexus smartphones as a reference device to launch the latest version of its smartphone operating system, Android. Earlier Google has worked with HTC, LG, Samsung, Motorola to build its Nexus smartphones.

For Android M, Google seems to have chosen to work with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei.

There are speculations that Huawei has entered into this contract with an aim to expand its profile in the West and also to improvise its relation with Google.

Towards the end of May this year, Google launched its Android M, the developer version, at the I/O conference 2015 and now Google plans to release its latest Android version towards the end of the year when it is likely to launch its Next-Gen Nexus smartphone built by Huawei.

According to some reports Google has entered a collaboration with LG as well to launch a second Android M powered Nexus device.

If this is true, then it will be for a the very first time that Google would be launching two devices at the same time for its new Android version.

Few reports indicated that the new Nexus smartphone will be having a 5.7 inches Quad HD screen and it would be slightly smaller than its predecessor, Nexus 6 which was launched last year and had a 6 inches display. Further, the device will also be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip.

As per the source who gave the information to IBTimes UK, Huawei-Google partnership was essential for the Chinese firm for its expansion in the West.

Huawei has been constantly facing allegations from the U.S. regulators who feel that the company is staunch supporter of Chinese government and thus the regulators feel that the products of Huawei might pose a threat to the national security.

Huawei-Google partnership might not help the company to lessen these allegations from the US regulators; however it will definitely help Huawei to establish itself in the West where it is struggling to gain a foothold.

Though Huawei, is one of the biggest smartphone maker in China; however it will face some problem in selling the Nexus handset in Chinese markets because Chinese government has blocked Google’s online services such as Gmail, Maps and Google search.

During the MWC 2015, held in March, Sundar Pichai, Google’s VP had announced that the company has desires to get back to China and this partnership with Huawei could be the probable path through which Google plans to enter China.

Then Pichai had mentioned:

“China is a phenomenon unto itself. It is important to remember that most of the innovation [happening with Chinese smartphones like Xiaomi and OnePlus] is powered by Android. So we are very committed, we work very hard. I met with partners from China this morning so it’s a big part of what we do. We would of course love to see Google services on top of their experience.”

The Huawei employee on the contrary said they too are trying to “work something out.”

The partnership has its own advantages for Google as well because Google’s Play Store is technically made available in China which allows only for free apps to be downloaded. So when compared to its rival Apple, this partnership will prove to be profitable to Google.

A Huawei spokesperson on the other hand said: “The company is unable to confirm whether it will be working with Google on the upcoming Nexus phone. Huawei are committed to creating innovative and exciting devices and will continue to work towards its vision of producing high quality and affordable products.”

Huawei plans to launch its online store in UK on June 22 and it will be known as “virtual mall”. Through this online store, Huawei plans to make all its consumer electronic devices available to customers here even before going on sale through networks and the retailers.

Google did not disclose any details and just mentioned that it does not want to comment on any kind of speculations.

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