You can now play Doodle Draw game in Facebook Messenger

Are you bored while chatting on your Facebook Messenger? Doodle Draw, a game for Facebook Messenger looks to just remove that boredom. Facebook Messenger has finally got Doodle Draw game, a take on Pictionary, for you to play while chatting.

You can find the game in Messenger’s overflow menu, alongside several utility apps. Of course, you’ll need to download it from the App Store or Google Play before you can have a turn.

Chatting usually leaves ample time on the hands of users and App makers generally try to exploit this time as a revenue stream through games.  But beware of those Candy Crush like invitations which can inundate your inbox.

Doodle Draw incidentally becomes the  first game to be launched for Facebook Messenger while its competitors like WeChat, Line and Viber have been offering games on their services for some time now.

You can download the Doodle Draw for your Android smartphone from here and for iPhone/iPad/iPod from here.


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