Samsung Smartphone users fall for fake viral video and end up destroying their NFC Chips

Pakistanis Fall for Fake Viral Video, Destroy NFC Chips on Samsung Smartphones

A fake video which is given below is causing mayhem amongst Samsung users in Pakistan. The video states that there is a chip in the Samsung smartphone’s battery which is the reason for all the private videos and images being uploaded to the Internet even if the user doesnt share them.

At the end of the video the maker, rather profoundly urges, Samsung users to open their Samsung smartphone’s battery and remove the chip. The chip in question is a NFC chip. All Samsung smartphones including the current favorite, Samsung Galaxy S6, the NFC chip is built into the battery.

NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, is an evolution of RFID. It’s used to transfer data between two devices held in close proximity (a few centimeters) just by tapping the NFC enabled devices.

The video which is published on Vimeo has gone viral in Pakistan and there are reports of Pakistanis destroying their NFC chips in Samsung smartphones as mentioned in the video. The video has already racked up 75000 views and is still going strong.

If you are a Pakistani and have received the above said video through your friends on social media, dont believe in the silly stuff the two gentlemen in the video are preaching and thereby destroy your NFC chip.

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