Updated Google Chrome Beta browser to wisely pause unnecessary flash animations for better battery life

Google Chrome Beta update hopes to put an end to flash advertisements and save battery life

For several years now, Adobe’s Flash has been slowly dying; however, it still continues with system-hogging animations and videos sprinkled across the internet. To help ease the platform’s passing, Google Chrome has decided to get smarter and power efficient.

The hugely successful internet browser in a partnership with Adobe, wants to intelligently sideline or pause flash content that may not be required for tasks you are currently working on and save battery life for laptop users.

Chrome, which brags about a number of hidden features and games, was given a speed bump last month too.

Google announced the new feature in a blog post, it wrote: “When you’re on a webpage that runs Flash, we’ll intelligently pause content (like Flash animations) that aren’t central to the webpage, while keeping central content (like a video) playing without interruption.

“This update significantly reduces power consumption, allowing you to surf the web longer before having to hunt for a power outlet.”

If Google Chrome pauses a video you actually wanted to watch – you can click on the video and it will immediately load the content.

Enabled by default in the Chrome Beta channel for desktop, Google says the feature will be “rolling out soon to everyone else on Chrome desktop.”

However, if you wish to manually enable the feature, you need to go to your Chrome settings and choose to manually switch the option on, off, or have Chrome prompt you when to play non-central items by heading to the browser’s content settings and choosing an option under the “Plugins” heading.

Google has confirmed that it will be “rolling out more power improvements in the coming months”.

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