SanDisk announces the Connect Wireless Stick, a personal Wi-Fi media server/USB flash drive

Phone storage can be a problem these days. Since the tools to consume media have been gradually developed, the sizes of the files that occupy it have also increased. MicroSD is on its way out on even the most steady of things produced though Android M could change that. SanDisk, thankfully has a product to solve this puzzle.

The SanDisk Wireless Connect Stick is both a personal media server and a traditional USB storage drive. Particularly, it is “designed to give people a simple, intuitive way to save and access all of the great content they create and consume across multiple devices, without breaking the bank.”

The theory is rather easy to understand: firstly, from your computer and load it up with any kind of file you want, then activate the accessory’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot and it’s immediately available for use with your mobile phone or tablet. At one time, you can connect up to three devices, and a single charge can provide a battery life up to approximately 4.5 hours for a single streaming.

For individuals who don’t have a lot of internal storage, this seems to be perfect for them. It’s also beneficial for those who do not have the data plans or capacity to stream everything from the cloud. To make it easier, this is the SanDisk Connect app, “which enables nearly effortless management of content…all via password-protected Wi-Fi connectivity.” and “also enables other cool features like auto-back up of photos and videos from the camera roll to the drive.” You can download the companion app directly from the Google Play Store.

The Wireless Connect Stick is available for purchase at Amazon, and It is available in “capacities of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB at U.S. MSRPs ranging from $29.99-$99.99.(Rs.2000-6000)”


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