Google Play Store side-loaded on Windows 10 Mobile by hackers to make it functional

The absence of Google Play Services in Windows 10 is the biggest problem that is stopping most of the Android apps from working on Windows 10 Mobile. However, Project Astoria seems to be fascinating with the promise of Android apps being turned on to Windows 10.

While the Google Play Services can be side-loaded to Windows 10 Mobile’s Android environment, it is non functional due to insufficient permission. But, some users want the entire Google Play Store in their Windows 10 Mobile device, or at least show that it is possible. A user could be able to run any and every Android app by having the Google Play Store inside of a Windows 10 Mobile device.

That’s what Polish hacker Karov_mm is asserting he has succeeded to do by raising the permission level of the side-loaded files by using chmod from adb shell and has been able to successfully get Google Play Services, including the Google Play Store, to work directly on the device.

However, there is no clarity how functional this hack would be though. But one thing is clear that by adding many apps into the Windows 10 ecosystem through the various means of porting apps and the universal app platform of Windows 10, it would surely bring a lot of excitement into the Windows phone ecosystem.

The fascinating hack clearly shows that there are users out there who wish to have those apps on Windows 10 Mobile that are currently restricted to Android and likely iOS.