YouTube’s New HTML5 Web Player now provides Enhanced Viewing And Controls

YouTube To Now Have Enhanced Viewing And Controls, Thanks To Its Brand New HTML5 Web Player

For almost four months, YouTube had been doing experiments on new updates that it wished to introduce in its website. It looks like finally all the efforts have been paid off.

YouTube has recently rolled out a brand new update for its website, which is a new HTML5 player that comes with improved viewing and control options. The most significant change that one can notice about YouTube upfront is the control bar that has been reduced in size and which goes away while you are engrossed in watching the video.

The new video player gives you a feel of the YouTube’s mobile player while you are watching it, as it seems to be very inspired by it. The buttons on the new video player after the update have become larger than what they were earlier. Additionally, the ‘Watch Later’ button has also been removed.

Even though the updates have not brought a drastic change, but with the increasing number of users watching the video player everyday, YouTube is certainly looking to improve the overall consumer experience to ensure that the users keep coming in.

Up to 60 percent growth has been noticed by YouTube in its “watch time” year-over-year due to it being the consumers preferred viewing website. Similarly, YouTube has also noticed an increase in its “watch time” on its mobile player, which is almost more than 50 percent over last year.

With the addition of a past update, wherein the videos can be expanded to cover the display of mobile devices while recording videos (whichever way the user prefers to hold the phone), it seems YouTube seriously wants the users to have a wonderful experience.

It looks like it’s time for Facebook and other competing video provider services to roll up their sleeves and provide competition to YouTube, if they wish to stay in business.

Kavita Iyer
Kavita Iyer
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