It’s Official, Nobody Uses Microsoft’s Latest Edge Browser

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Edge Browser Edged Out By Users

Amidst much pomp, Microsoft had launched its new Windows 10 browser, Microsoft Edge claiming that it would finally replace the traditional Internet Explorer and give competition to the modern day Google Chrome and Firefox and win the hearts of users globally.

In reality, there are several important features that are missing in Edge, even though it may look strong on paper. The browser certainly needs a lot of improvements in desktops and tablets, for which some of the changes are expected to be rolled out soon.

Currently, for the regular web surfers and for the ones who install Windows 10, Edge is certainly not the favorite choice, as the new browser has failed to make itself notice in the August 2015 market share statistics.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Edge Browser Edged Out By Users

in August 2015, Google Chrome 44 was the number one browser with a market share of 44.48 percent, according to the data provided by market analyst firm, StatCounter. Followed by Internet Explorer 11 at second position with 10.89 percent and, then by Firefox 39 with 7.45 percent. There were many other IE, Firefox and Chrome that followed later; however, these stats did not include Microsoft Edge.

With 0.94 percent, Firefox 38 is the latest entrant in this chart, which almost certainly means that Edge is below this score. In other words, this means that it is a part of the Others category that has an overall market share of 15.89 percent.

It is difficult to figure out whether these figures are accurate or not. However, currently, Microsoft Edge is clearly not the powerful browser that the Redmond-based tech giant wants it to be.

Microsoft has promised to bring in more features in the coming updates, which are already currently available in its competitor’s apps. The extension support for Microsoft Edge to be introduced in the updates that is likely to be released in October may be a live example wherein it plans to bring the browser to the position of Chrome, Opera and Firefox, which currently provide such functionality.

At the moment, Microsoft Edge is certainly lagging behind its rivals and has a lot of work to do to catch up with them. As of now, we can only wait and watch whether Edge can succeed in making itself the preferred choice over Internet Explorer.

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  1. The author doesn’t know that Edge can only be used with Windows 10 which is not at captured full market share. Hence Edge browser usage can’t be compared like this.


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