10 Top Most Eerie/Interesting Things On the Deep Web

Top 10 things that you can find while surfing on the Deep Web

The web that one can access with his/her average browser is only around 10-15% of the internet. The remaining of the web is known as the ”Deep Web”. Below is a compilation of some of the most interesting/eerie things on the deep web. Interesting for those who are interested in these kind of things while eerie for a normal user who has never seen such things happening online.

The deep web can be accessed through TOR browser among other select browsers. Also, click here if you need some other links to the deep web.

1. Drugs

The most popular thing about the deep web is that you can get every drug made right from premium quality marijuana to pills and acid, which are very cautiously packed and delivered. Until recently, ‘The Silk Road’ was the most credible source for some fine bud or anything else before it was shut down.

2. Government Secrets

The deep web offers every conspiracy theory for those people who love to think that everything is a conspiracy theory. There are also many government secrets out there, of which some were taken down by the FBI.

3. Human Experimentation

This is where some of the people conduct experiments of all kinds on real live human subjects, who are mostly people that do not have a home and are picked up from the streets. This is the most screwed up and a horrifying place.

4. Hitmen

Killing someone may not be cheap, but from the looks of it, these guys actually mean business.

5. Weapons


If you want to get a gun, then this is probably where the people in Europe would get one.

6. Match Fixing

Just with a click of a button, you can now do all kinds of match fixing and illegal betting down here.

7. Thieves/Burglars

This one is very unusual, where a guy on this site claims to steal anything that you want him to steal. He even sends a photo after he successfully getting your product to prove that he actually has it. In addition, he even has a list of items that have been put up for sale, which people ordered but never actually claimed.

8. Hacking

There are a large number of sites where you have guys who are up for anything. They can find people to hack anything for you, be it is your ex’s account or a top secret government website.

9. Porn

You will definitely find all kinds of creepy fantasies on the deep web that you are looking for. Also, there’s a guy who broadcasts a live hidden webcam show of his own sister, so if you’re into that kind of stuff.

10. Credit Cards

This is the place for people who wants loads of money to spend. You will find people who are ready to steal information of credit card for the right amount.

Resource: Listogre

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