Betty a live Chicken vies for a world record for tweeting

Betty the chicken tries to prove that chicken came earlier than egg by joining the Twitter bandwagon

Betty the chicken is tweeting furiously to prove that the chicken came earlier in the century old adage of which came earlier, the chicken or the egg. Betty is a part of a publicity stunt by an Australian barbeque chicken company called Chicken Treat.

Chicken Treat has placed a keyboard inside a henhouse, in an publicity stunt aimed at getting the chicken to tweet out a comprehensible English word.  The henhouse resident is none other than Betty, the innovative chicken, is now unknowingly vying for a Guinness World Record as she walks over the keyboard, the resulting collection of random characters and letters then published to the Twitter feed of @ChickenTreat along with the hashtag #ChickenTweet.

Betty is making these attempts from their official Twitter, with the tweets she pecks out marked by the hashtag #chickentweet. In order to qualify as the first chicken in the world to tweet, the plucky animal needs to bash out a four-letter word that is recognised by English language dictionaries. Lets look at some of Betty’s attempts on Twitter.

Betty began tweeting from October 8 and stops every night as the keyboard is removed from the pen and Betty gets some shut-eye and crows in the morning.

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