Kangaroo, a $99 Windows 10 home edition desktop PC as small as a smartphone

Desktop PC sales are falling for past many years. Microsoft had hoped that the launch of its latest operating system, Windows 10 would have helped it buck the trend. However that has not happened though these are early days.

However there is one Windows 10 run gadget which can shake up the PC industry like never before. InFocus today debuted the Kangaroo, a $99 Windows 10 portable PC that “goes anywhere and works with any screen.” If you’re looking for cheap Windows 10 PC, the brand new Kangaroo PC could be just what the doctor ordered.

Kangaroo, a $99 Windows 10 home edition desktop PC as small as a smartphone

InFocus claims that the Kangaroo is the world’s smallest portable desktop PC. Though the claim may be little off, Kangaroo weighs just 200g and measures 124mm tall, 80.5mm wide and 12.9mm thick, comparatively the current lot of large screen phablets weigh more than it.

kangaroo_smalKangaroo, a $99 Windows 10 home edition desktop PC as small as a smartphone

The black satin aluminum device is powered by an Intel Cherrytrail (Z8500) SoC clocked at 2.24GHz . It runs on 2GB of RAM and has 32GB of storage, expandable via a microSD card to 128GB, and an on-board battery which lasts upto 4 hours according to InFocus. The initial free memory available to users is 18GB as per the makers. The standalone Kangaroo Dock, which you can swap out for other future docks, includes an HDMI port and two USB ports.

Kangaroo has Wi-Fi support though it does not have ethernet port, possibly to save space. Other than Wi-Fi, it also supports Bluetooth 4.0. Kangaroo comes with only two cables, an HDMI cable to connect to a display and the power cord.

The surprise of the pack is that Kangaroo runs on a full fledged Windows 10 home edition. Kangaroo also has Windows Hello integration and a fingerprint reader on the side of the Kangaroo. This lets without a password or PIN.  Thanks to the company’s free OS Link software for iOS, the Kangaroo can connect to an iPad as well in either desktop mode or in tablet mode.

You can own the Kangaroo for just $99. The Kangaroo is available to purchase beginning today on Newegg.com and from Microsoft’s online store. The device will also be available in Microsoft’s physical retail stores starting in mid-November.