GhostSec claims ISIS terrorists linked to Paris attacks has Bitcoin Wallet Worth $3 Million

GhostSec : ISIS  terrorist have a Bitcoin Wallet worth $3 million

Close on the heels of the gruesome attacks on innocent bystanders in Paris, GhostSec has said that ISIS terrorists are owners of a massive bitcoin wallet worth $3 million. Many terrorism watchers have been questioning the source of finances for ISIS efforts. Some have pointed out to ISIS extortion rackets and ransom schemes as the prime finances in addition to black marketing of oil in Syria.

GhostSec, which is a off-shoot of the online hacktivist collective has said that the ISIS regularly uses cryptocurrencies to fund its operations. DW (Deutsche Welle) previously reported that the Islamic State is experimenting with currency, specifically gold and bitcoin. One bitcoin wallet received around $23 million in a month; anti-ISIS hackers from GhostSec followed a chain of transactions to another wallet with over $3 million in bitcoins.

Ghost Security Group confirmed to NewsBTC that ISIS is “extensively using bitcoin for funding their operations” and that the group has “managed to uncover several bitcoin addresses used by them.” Furthermore, bitcoin is “their prime form of cryptocurrency.” No evidence was given, such as the bitcoin wallet address, as the hackers “cannot go into more detail at the moment on current investigations.”

Use of bitcoins suits the ISIS affiliates as it offers some degree of security and anonymity to its transactions., and integrity to digital transactions. In this case, as regards ISIS/ISIL, it appears we have GhostSec, who in some ways have done more to disable to the neo-Caliphate organization than has the US Government or will the French with their bombs and guns. Getting to the heart of any militant organization’s financing is absolutely the best way to slow them down.

“Most of the Bitcoin funding sites utilized by the Islamic State are on the deep web and we have managed to uncover several and successfully shut them down in order to limit the funding extremists receive through the use of cryptocurrencies.:

Anonymous has already called for a global war on the online activities of ISIS with #OpParis after the gruesome terrorist act in Paris on Friday which claimed 130 innocent lives. They have already managed to identify and shutdown 5500 Twitter accounts earlier yesterday.

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  1. No evidence its been used by terrorists,, yet we do have evidence they use USD and Gold… should the EU try ban that????

    Also this is all lies from CoinDesk not sure why maybe they want cheaper BTC or have been paid off by the bankers,, the hacker came out and said he found no link to the Paris attack.

    Some Anonymous god should help take out CoinDask and warn the Bitcoin community about this infiltration.

    Also the EU isn’t stupid but the people that dump now are,, if the EU once again confirms the validity of Bitcoin and they will as banning Bitcoin because of a group that uses it would be the same as banning gold or USD that the same group really does use.

    If these people had used Bitcoin they’d of flown in first class,, not infiltrated via refugees lol… money is money lets ban all money because a terrorist might use it????? this is the sort of thinking that’s taking away the freedoms of honourable people world wide.

    And I can’t stress this enough the world elites support Bitcoin, as it means the governments or the people could never take their money or limit it to 100 million per person…. theirs only one country in the world they don’t fully control at the moment and that’s Russia, yes they own land in Russia, but have very limited control on government corporations that’s why Bitcoin is banned in Russia…

    Yet China supposed friend of Russia lmao, is the biggest producer of Bitcoin because its controlled by the Li’s one of the 13 families.

    China will back stab Putin or the elites will find a way to kill him off, if he’s not part of the plan for world war 3 and the coming new world order,, maybe the EU forgets who created them or they have too many retarded free range slaves in place.


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