Wanna Tweak Firefox settings to get the most out of it; use ConfigFox

Tweaking about:config in Firefox made easy with ConfigFox

Have you ever wanted to tweak Firefox setting to customise it as per your needs, but find the Firefox setting too complicated. Online articles will suggest you to try tweaking the about:config in Firefox and making tweaks there. However, not many know what about:config is or how to open it let alone tweak it.

Now you can do it with a few clicks with ConfigFox. ConfigFox is a Windows application that makes tweaking about:config a simple task.

ConfigFox has a very simple UI and even a noob can use it to make tweaks to their Firefox browser within minutes or seconds. ConfigFox has done a great job by organizing all the options inside a few folders. This way users will quickly be able to localize the changes they want to make, open the appropriate folders, and then tweak the desired config setting. If the config names are not self-explanatory, each option comes with a small description that informs the user about option they are changing.

If you have your Firefox browser open when performing all these changes, the new tweaks will be applied as soon as you hit File -> Save user.js.

ConfigFox also comes with the ability to backup your Firefox settings and restore them at any point. It also has a option to clean the Firefox database if you feel you have messed up the settings.

You can download ConfigFox from here.

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