TAG Heuer’s Luxury Android Wear Smartwatch To Cost $1,500

TAG Heuer, the Swiss luxury watchmaker on Monday officially announced in NewYork City that they are now making a smartwatch. The Swiss company unveiled the Connected Watch, a $1,500 Android Wear smartwatch made in partnership with Google and Intel. TAG Heuer’s first luxury smartwatch start its sales in Europe on November 12. The TAG Heuer Connected Watch is modeled after TAG’s classic Carrera model, an auto racing timepiece that dates back to 1963.

One TAG Heuer’s business said: “Our watch will have almost the same functions as an Apple Watch, but I don’t want to divulge too much. The Carrera Connected is an exclusive, luxury watch. We are not Apple. We are a watch brand. I forbid my colleagues to say Apple is our competitor.”

The smartwatch shares many of its design attributes with TAG Heuer’s Carrera analog watch. The company says it has gone to great lengths to make the Connected not “look like a connected watch”

The Carrera Connected isn’t made of gold, but it is comprised of titanium, a metal prized for its high strength to weight ratio compared to steel. TAG Heuer says you can add your personal touch to the design by choosing from six different rubber straps including blue, red, green, orange, white and yellow. The Connected features a round-faced display and is 46mm in diameter with a bright screen. TAG Heuer says the material is more scratch-resistant than gold and steel. It’s also IP67 water-resistant.

Below the sapphire crystal covered touchscreen is an Intel processor, TAG Heuer promises “all day” battery life and provides a charging dock to go along with the watch, it’s powered by Android Wear so there’s no shortage of features. It includes 4GB of internal storage, standard Android Wear features of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a microphone for voice commands.

Inspired by its analog dials, TAG Heuer has designed three watch faces for the Connected. There is a world time face, a chronograph, and a standard 3-hand dial, and all three are available in black, white, or blue colors. You can also install other watchfaces from the Google Play Store, as the watch is fully compatible with Android Wear. TAG also developed a handful of apps for the watch, including a time, alarm, and stopwatch.

TAG Heuer Connected is the first luxury Android Wear smartwatch that is available at a high price tag of $1,500. Well, the question is whether or not it is worth that much. You can immediately purchase TAG Heuer online through company’s website and through select luxury boutiques across the world.

Interesting, TAG is hedging its bets, as a line at the end of the press release for the Connected states “Anyone who purchases a TAG Heuer Connected watch will have the opportunity to exchange it for a mechanical watch with Swiss movement inside.”


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