8 Anonymous Campaigns That You May Not Know About

8 unheard campaigns of Anonymous that the online hacktivist group is busy with

The hacker collective Anonymous may be known for very few campaigns, but the group is also involved in a lot of other operations, some of which are quite interesting.

While we all are aware about #OpISIS, #OpParis, #OpMonsanto, #OpWhales, #OpKillingBay, #OpKKK, and even the newly launched #OpTrump, there are some unheard interesting operations that Anonymous has under way.

Let’s have a look at those operations.

?   Operation Safe Winter

#OpSafeWinter is a campaign aimed at raising awareness about life on the street through the collection, collation and redistribution of resources which began on November 7, 2013 after an online call to action from Anonymous UK. Started last year, the group is dedicated to keeping the campaign running this year also.

?   Operation Cheetah Trade

A brand new campaign that revolves around the fact that Middle East countries continue to allow cheetah cubs to be sold online by refusing to follow international law.

?   Operation Death Eaters

Some Anonymous members have infiltrated online communities for cannibals on the Dark Web and are looking to search and dox the people taking part in this kind of sites. It involves hunting down and exposing pedophile rings and the “paedosadism industry”.

?   Operation Innocence Peshawar

This operation is planned for December 16, 2015, on the one-year anniversary of the Peshawar mass killing, when Islamic extremists killed 132 children in a school in Peshawar. Currently, the hacker collective is only taking to social media with messages of support, and they have no DDoS attacks planned as of now.

?   Operation Footage

Anonymous is instructing members to save all audio, video, and image evidence that ISIS posts online and then forward it to the proper authorities, so they may be able to systematically list the people involved and bring them to justice if the war ever ends. The campaign was started to catalog ISIS members that have committed serious crimes like public executions or mass murders.

?   Operation Charitin

Some Anonymous members have pledged support to this new campaign that has not been started yet. It rotates around the child and youth care workers in various countries that take children away from families without any valid proof. This is a known problem and has occurred many number of times to families that have migrated to developed countries. OpCharitin appears to be an evolution from the older Anonymous campaign called #OpYouthCare.

?   Operation Refugee Outreach

Similar to Operation Safe Winter, this campaign only aims at refugees of all types. Rather than a cyber war, it is more of a social media campaign.

?   Operation Free Waters

The Free Waters campaign is connected to a dam that’s currently being built on the Nile in Egypt’s Nubia region. Similar to #OpMonsanto, in this campaign the group will be taking arms against a corporation that’s not ready to back down from a multi-million dollar investment.

Remember these campaigns are in addition to already running popular campaigns like #OpISIS, #OpParis, #OpTrump etc which are in news currently.

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