Has Sony’s PS4 just been hacked to run pirated games?

Well, you can now enjoy pirated games on PS4 if this is true

Just like PS3 and Xbox 360, it was only a matter of time before Sony’s next generation console PS4 was going to be subjected to a process that would allow hackers to bypass it and allow pirated content to be played on it with relative ease. According to the latest report, CTurt, an individual who claims himself to be an ethical hacker has announced that he was successfully able to crack a PS4 that was running a firmware version that was less than version 1.76.

The announcement was made through Twitter, where the hacking group posted on the social network explaining that he did not use a jail vulnerability, but used a FreeBSD kernel exploit instead. Before going through with this process, CTurt had analyzed the security of PS4 more than once and previously explained that Sony’s proprietary Orbis OS is based on FREEBSD. While the following process is difficult, CTurt has also claimed that the hack could also be made to work on newer firmware versions.

Other PS4 hackers have been reported to be working on more kernel exploits. However, as soon as they will be going to reach the end of the tunnel concerning their goal, Sony moves with rapid pace in order to release a new firmware as an exploit sealing patch and remove the problem momentarily. However, with this latest news, we are confident that in the near future, more exploits are going to be uncovered, which will allow hackers to take advantage and subsequently hack the newer firmware versions of the console.

Using this process, CTurt and several other hackers, who claim themselves to be bound by ethical values and morals in the field of hacking have potentially allowed millions of consumers to purchase pirated copies of future gaming titles. We will have to wait and see how Sony responds to this but even as we speak, it looks like the Japanese company might already be working on a patch right now.

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