Alcatel plans a iPhone killer with Windows 10 ‘superphone’

Alcatel plans to make a iPhone killer Windows 10 run ‘superphone’ with superlative specs

Ever since Microsoft bought out Nokia stake, its Windows 1o mobile business has been sulking. Since there are a few Windows 10 smartphone manufacturers, it is left to Microsoft to bring out smartphones. Judging by the reception that Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 smartphone, Lumia 950XL and Lumia 950, there is a good market for such phones.

Alcatel seems to have realised that and is planning a ‘superphone’ to take on the premium iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Alcatel seems to have realised that churning out run of the mill smartphones with Windows 10 wont do the job and will bring a high-end Windows 10 Mobile.

Steve Cistulli, senior vice president of the North America region calls such smartphone a “superphone.” While the superphone still seems to be on the Alcatel drawing boards, Cistulli told CNET at the CES 2016 show in Las Vegas that he wants his company to compete against flagship devices built by Samsung and Apple.

“We’re going to have the leading specs to take on the best smartphones,” Cistulli was quoted as saying. “We’re committed to Windows 10.”

From the looks of it, Alcatel may be actually building a high-end device whose plan is to kill off the iPhone and offer superlative features from head to toe.

Meanwhile Microsoft’s smartphone division got a fresh breath of live with Windows 10 Mobile operating system. Many manufacturers are keen to bring out smartphones running on Windows 10 mobile. Microsoft is also planning a new high-end model which could debut in the second half of 2016.

According to sources, this high end smartphone with ‘super premium’ features could be called Surface Phone and excel not only in terms of performance but also build quality. Microsoft is eager to cash in on the goodwill generated by its Surface Pro tablets and will use the same approach for marketing the Surface Phone.

By the end of the year we could have at least 10 new Windows 10 run smartphone launches including Alcatel’s iPhone killer ‘superphone.’

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