Check out cool videos where people are beatboxing along with Siri

Videos of people beatboxing with Siri is the coolest thing on the Internet today

In our previous article posted on Siri a couple of weeks ago, we had mentioned how Apple’s AI sentient personal assistant has musical skills and can do beatboxing too. You just need to ask “Siri, can you beatbox for me?” and it would do so, even if it was very elementary.

In a recent discovery by various YouTube videos online, it has been found that if you were to ask Siri certain questions, her response would be musical enough for you to actually beatbox along with her.

The simple that needs to be asked is “Siri, what is one trillion to the tenth power?” When the app obliges, repeating the number “zero” ad infinitum to the point where it becomes long and rhythmic enough to make beats over.

One such video was uploaded by Twitter user @FailedRckstr where three singers asked Siri this question and then beatboxed a contemporary rendition of “Entharo mahanu Bhavulu”, originally composed by Thyagaraja. The amazing composition has since gone viral with over 14,000 re-tweets.

First posted on Facebook on January 19, the 53-second clip has gone on to clock a combined audience of 15 million views after being shared by hundreds of thousands of users. There are also some other videos where some have even sung over the beats, resulting in some pretty cool tunes!

Check out YouTube for more such videos.

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