Even after 4419 days, the world’s oldest torrent is still going strong

The Torrent of ASCII version of Matrix was released 12 years ago and is still going strong

Torrents have been around for a long time but for any individual torrent to continue being shared is indeed a big news. A fan-created ASCII version of the 1999 sci-fi classic The Matrix is the oldest known torrent that is still being shared and downloaded.

The torrent of ASCII version of Matrix was created more than 12 years ago and has managed to outlive the original as well as several blockbuster movies. In fact, the torrent is downloaded even now albeit only a few times a week even though the site from where it originated has disappeared.

Normally, torrents die out when users lose interest and top downloading it however this torrent is a class apart to survive for 4419 days and still keep going. Exactly ten years ago TorrentFreak had published a report on this torrent which was then celebrating 696 days.

To get an idea of the whopping success of this torrent one must understand that it was created more than 12 years ago (4,419 days) on December 20, 2003. Even though the original site is no longer online, it still has 8 active seeders at the time of writing.

The 12-year-old release of The Matrix ASCII comes with a DVD cover and insert. It also includes a small disclaimer from the maker which states, “This work is a parody. As such I do not believe that this DVD has any possibility of competing with the original in any market. It is not for sale.”

The fact that this torrent has been able to survive for so long is a testament to the resilience of both BitTorrent and the torrent.

Here is one for Neo and Matrix!

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