Fallout 4 users report strange glitch that causes the screen to blur or shake

Fallout 4 gaming screen goes into a blur or shakes when USB is inserted or you try to teleport

Fallout 4 has been the ‘defacto’ game of the year for 2015. In fact, it nearly broke the Internet the day it was released. As with all games, Fallout 4 too has share of its glitches but this one takes the cake because it is the strangest one. A Reddit user, FamishedChef has reported that his screen went into a blur when he connected a USB while playing Fallout 4.

FamishedChef had other backers on this Reddit thread with similar problems. Another gamer reported that he had faced shaken screen problem when he tried to teleport in the game.

While Bethesda Game Studios, the game’s developer has not issued any warning about this particular glitch nor has come out with a statement, another Reddit user offered an explanation for the glitch.

[–]nickpettit 320 points

Agree. I think the game lost window focus and paused, but the window was actually still visible, so for some Bethesda-y reason all the screen space effects (bloom, SSAO, FXAA, etc) just kept stacking on the same frame over and over again. The foreground elements seem to succumb last, so I suspect it has more to do with the DOF effect than anything, but all of them likely contributed.

Many of these effects involve processing the current frame in some way (blurring it, altering colors, etc) and then multiplying or adding the result to the current frame after the initial render. Hence the term “post-processing.” In layman’s terms, this bug is sort of like applying the same Instagram filter over and over and over to the same image – the end result is just noise.

 If you have suffered from this particular glitch while playing Fallout 4, its not your monitor that has problems but something to do with corrupted GPU device context or screen space pixel shader.

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