X-Files revealed: CIA releases top-secret UFO reports online

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has decided to release hundreds of X-files-like UFO documents on their website, a moment that UFO fans all over the world have been waiting for since the first sightings were noted. The CIA has declassified hundreds of documents detailing the agency’s investigations into UFOs in a move to make sure that things are easier for Mulder and Scully.

According to the agency’s website, it has released documents primarily from the late 1940s and 50s, which it holds in its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) UFO collection.

“We’ve decided to highlight a few documents both skeptics and believers will find interesting,” the agency states.

The CIA used Twitter to encourage the UFO enthusiasts to “take a peek” at the declassified documents

In the past, the agency has often been panned by UFO conspiracy theorists for allegedly trying to cover up evidence of alien life from the general public. The agency for some reason has decided to upload never-before-seen photos and documents in PDF formats.

Among the CIA’s UFO X-Files is the sighting documented by New Jersey resident George Stock. On July 29, 1952 at about 4:30 p.m., Stock and his friend John H. Riley spotted a bizarre aircraft in Passaic approaching from the sky.

The story goes that Mr Stock ran inside to grab his camera before taking five photos of the UFO. He claimed it was sailing at about 200ft before flying off at high speed. The disc was described as solid and metallic with a transparent, domed top. It was reported to be a blue to grey colour, about ten metres wide and made no noise.

According to theparanormalguide.com, which catalogues former UFO sightings, the shots received little attention at that time.

The blog said: “Considering these images of what may have been a UFO were so clear, they received very little attention, and for a good reason – the various agencies in control asked media outlets and the police to stop taking on reports and reporting UFO events, as they were coming in too fast to handle – news of UFOs were literally clogging up channels as 1952 saw a massive wave of sightings.”

The documents reveal that the CIA was not only interested in UFO sightings in the U.S. but also in England, Spain, North Africa and Germany. Another example is a mysterious photo taken above Sheffield in March 1962 showing what is said to be a fleet of dark-looking flying saucers. However, the grainy black and white photo has since been exposed as a hoax.

In spite of the authenticity of the uploaded CIA documents, the agency kept referring to Agents Mulder and Scully of the famous drama series The X-Files.

“Below you will find five documents we think X-Files character Agent Fox Mulder would love to use to try and persuade others of the existence of extraterrestrial activity,” wrote CIA in the blog where some of the documents were listed.

The files disclosed by CIA didn’t give any strong inference about the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. When it comes to UFO conspiracies, the CIA is not the only federal agency under attack. Many UFO/alien conspiracy theories are popping up and NASA has been accused of back-to-back extraterrestrial evidence cover-ups related to its Mars missions as well.

In one of the photos taken by NASA’s space rovers on Mars in October 2015, UFO spotter and YouTube user, Paranormal Crucible, found what looked like the remains of a Buddha statue.

In November 2015, Paranormal Crucible also found a “drone-like” structure on Mars using one of the photos uploaded by NASA. This time, the drone-like conspiracy theory corresponded to the global premiere of the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

If you are a UFO enthusiast, take a look at all the files here.