Windows 7 has a huge problem, according to Microsoft and users may not realize this

Despite the fact that Windows 10 is alive, kicking, and running as smooth as butter, Windows 7 still runs on 55 percent of all the machines out there, and that is not necessarily a bad, if not for one little issue. According to Microsoft’s Marketing Chief Chris Capossela there is a huge problem with Windows 7. He explains the following concerning the security of the operating system:

“We do worry when people are running an operating system that’s 10 years old that the next printer they buy isn’t going to work well, or they buy a new game, they buy Fallout 4, a very popular game, and it doesn’t work on a bunch of older machines. And so, as we are pushing our ISV [Independent Software Vendor] and hardware partners to build great new stuff that takes advantage of Windows 10 that obviously makes the old stuff really bad and not to mention viruses and security problems.”

We are touched that the executive is concerned about the security and safety of our operating systems. However, he has forgotten about one small detail; Windows 7 will continue to receive critical system and security updates till 2020, meaning that the security of this operating system and Windows 10 will remain the same till 2020. However, we should also add that with every passing year, Windows 7 is going to start becoming less and less relevant with every passing month, which was expected, seeing as how Windows 10 is going to be the last operating system released by the company, at least according to Microsoft.

With Windows 10, more and more security and system updates will continue to pour through, which will eventually make Windows 7 completely obsolete. Lots of users will continue to use the previous versions of the company’s platform, along with Vista and Windows 8, which is completely alright, but with every new year coming through, it looks like they will be more compelled to upgrade to Windows 10.