Turn the GTA V traffic into chaos with Watch Dogs mod

There have been several mods applied in GTA V, but no one has ever attempted to run a Watch Dogs mod, until now. JulioNIB has successfully managed to engineer a script that inserts a whole bunch of Watch Dogs-inspired hacking fun into GTA V, taking your experience to a whole new level. What this means is that you will not only be able to play as Aiden Pearce in this mod, but with the latest additions, you will also be able to relive the same experience which made Watch Dogs different, despite the fact that it did become redundant in the end.

For example, with this latest mod, you can pretty much blow up anything in GTA V, much like what you were doing half the time in Ubisoft’s title. In addition, you will also be able to cause complete and utter mayhem because the Watch Dogs mod also brings with it the ability to alter traffic signals, and force trains to derail themselves, which will deliver a new level of spice; something that you were not used to in GTA V. It’s a whole new level of fun and if you want to see for yourself, we have added a video for below.

If you want to physically experience the mod yourself, then you can download it from here and commence your Watch Dogs run on your PC.