WhatsApp suffers a huge outage on New Year’s Eve

WhatsApp goes down on the 31st December, its busiest day

Ever since WhatsApp has appeared on the cross platform messaging arena, it has become the defacto messaging App that users turn to for wishing their near and dear ones with New Year wishes.

However yesterday, even the ever resilient of WhatsApp servers could not bear the load of New Year greeting from users and went down.

Users across the world reported issues while connecting to WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve, with services impacted for several hours before normalcy was restored.

“Earlier today, some people had trouble accessing WhatsApp. We investigated the problem and have restored access for everyone. We apologize for the inconvenience and wish everyone a happy new year,” a WhatsApp spokesperson said.

As is the norm now a days, WhatsApp users immediately took to Twitter to complaint about problems connecting to WhatsApp. The messaging and voice calling client seemed to be having issues sending and receiving messages on both Android and iOS.

DownDetector, a real time services outage monitor, also reported that WhatsApp was down. WhatsApp troubles started around Around 4.30pm UTC on Thursday, several users started to note that they weren’t being able to send or receive messages or make calls via WhatsApp.

To add to the woes even the Twitter handle of WhatsApp Status Twitter handle was silent about the outage.

According to WhatsApp the services are restored and are fully working as of now.

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