How to hack Facebook!!! ; This Facebook hacking tool comes with its own risks

Dont Use This Facebook Hacking Tool Or You Will Regret It

We get a lot of queries on how to hack a Facebook page or how to hack my girlfriends Facebook account? Another one is my boyfriend is cheating on me, how do I hack his Facebook account? We always tell these guys that we dont indulge in black hat hacking. However, a new tool available online claims to do all this in a few key strokes.

And users, like the ones listed above are falling prey to it. If you are planning on using this simple Facebook hacking tool, kindly read this article before using it.

Remtasu tool which is advertised by its authors as an app to hack into Facebook accounts in fact contains Remtasu, a well-known piece of spyware that collects your information and uploads it to a remote server under the attacker’s control.

The Facebook hacking tool that promises you to help you hack your friends Facebook accounts, may infect your PC and upload your personal information including your banking information to the C & C server.

Remtasu, is basically a Windows-based Trojan that first appeared in Latin America in 2014. However, it has now expanded globally over past year, and has now capability to disguise itself as an app for accessing people’s Facebook account credentials. Earlier it used to spread through phishing methods but now it is often made available through direct download on shady websites advertising it as the ultimate Facebook hacking tool.


The tool contains a Keylogger that can capture all your keystrokes and store them in a file that is subsequently sent to the C & C server set up by the Remtasu makers. ESET notes that Remtasu owes its recent success to user’s desire to hack their friends/exes/business rivals Facebook page. The malicious Facebook hacking tool is exploiting “the constant desire of a lot of users to take control of accounts from this well-known social network,” according to a Monday blog post by IT security company ESET.

Though it is spreading fast, Remtasu is still prevalent in the Latin American countries. ESET reports that most users infected with this tool are living in Colombia (65%), followed by Thailand (6%), Mexico (3%), and Peru (2%).

Once a wannabe Facebook hacker downloads and installs the tool, it copies all the information from the clipboard. Its keylogger captures the hackers keystrokes and sends all this data to a remote command and control server set up by the malware makers.

The newest version of the trojan employs a classic boot persistence trick, by copying itself to the Windows System32 folder under a generic name (InstallDir), and then creating a registry key that launches the Remtasu process every time the user starts their computer.

So next time you feel like hacking somebody’s Facebook page using this tool, do remember that this tool will actually be hacking you instead and the losses could be immence.

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