Microsoft forcing Windows 10 users to use its other products after updating

Windows 10 update forces users to use Microsoft products on default – and you can’t change it back

From the time Microsoft launched its new operating system, Windows 10 in July last year, it has continued to remain in the news for all good and bad reasons. And the saga continues. According to its users, the Windows 10 update is automatically switching a user’s chosen programs over to Microsoft alternatives without their permission. Even worse, the forced cumulative update not only knocks out PCs’ default settings, it also prevents the users from resetting them.

If you are a windows user, you probably have certain programs that you prefer to use. For example, you might have set the Google Chrome as the default browser on your Windows 10 computer. However, you may not be able to do so, if your computer has downloaded the KB3135173, a cumulative update issued for February that was pushed out as an update last week. The forced update is causing users’ default programs to return to Microsoft alternatives, such as Chrome going back to Edge as the new default, or IrfanView returning to Microsoft Photos app.

Angry users of Windows 10 took to Reddit to say that Microsoft forcibly changes the default programs back again within two hours, even if they go into the system’s settings to change the defaults back to use the programs they like.

User pmjm posted on Reddit, “THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING TO ME!!! It’s maddening. I change my default apps for images, videos, audio, even PDF’s. Within a few hours it’s back to the MS defaults. And I’m running from the default administrator account with UAC turned off, so those apps can’t even run!”

Microsoft is now aware of the issue and hopefully is trying to fix it, if their statement is anything to go by – “We are aware of this issue that some customers are experiencing, and are actively working to resolve it,” a spokesperson told the Inquirer.

In the meantime, the Reddit users have recommended a few options to Windows 10 users, even though none of them are perfect.

1) Reinstall Windows 10 completely and don’t install the update KB3135173
2) Uninstall all possible default Microsoft programs that the operating system might use as a replacement to the ones you want to use; or
3) Forget Windows and switch over to Linux.

Many forum members are hanging on the hope that Microsoft will provide with a fix soon. Like Reddit user mrcandyman, who says that besides the bug he has enjoyed using Windows 10.

“So why don’t I move to Linux? I would love to. I actually love Linux for the most part and was a big advocate for it for a long time. However now I need to use Excel (no, and LibreOffice are not good enough for what I need) and I need to use Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks,” mrcandyman wrote on Reddit.

“Besides what I need it for, I have to say my Windows 10 experience has been really good for the most part. I would actually say that it’s been my favourite Windows OS so far. Yes, I do really hope they fix this problem soon, and no, this ‘bug’ shouldn’t have ever happened. Hopefully they will remedy the situation soon.”

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