Russia to ditch Windows OS, decides to join the Linux club

Russia joins the Linux party as it will move its government computers to Linux

Tired of security and snooping issues associated with Windows run PCs, the Russian Government is all set to shift to Linux from Windows for its agency PCs to Linux.

However it has not named the Linux distro it will use or clarified whether it will be building its own distro like Indian government is doing with Boss.

The report came rise after Internet Adviser of Russia stated on an interview with Bloomberg with the motive to clean Windows system because of Microsoft’s inclination towards US.

The move is similar to the moves by major countries like India and China who are slowly and steadily moving to Linux distros designed inhouse. The prime reason for ditching Windows by these countries is hacking issues associated with it. Also spying top secret official documents by NSA is a major headache for these governments.

According to reports, more than 20,000 Russian municipalities are switching from Windows to Linux, worrying about Microsoft handing users data to NSA and other intelligence agencies in US. But more than 90% PCs in Russia runs windows operating system till now.

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