This user bought a 1TB hard disk from China only to find it had 32GB memory

1TB Hard Disk from China contains empty box and 32GB memory, this is why people dont trust Chinese goods!

If you have purchased a 1TB hard disk from China, you will be better off if you remove the screws of the drive and check inside. It so happens that kingruudz, a redditor found that he had been fooled by a Chinese company who shipped him a 1TB Hard Disk and it had only 32GB space.

kingruudz opened the case and found the interior of the 1TB HD looking like this :

As you can see from the image, the company has cleverly included two metal rods in the container to give a feel and heaviness of a actual 1TB hard drive. kingruudz says that he was duped but he knows another person who had reportedly bought a container of these dud 1TB hard drives for $30,000.

kingruudz’s reddit thread got overwhelming response from other redditors who had their own China stories to tell. Another user, turbotails noted another scam from China.

[–]turbotails23 459 points

It is. There was a article a bit back from a reporter who saw a SSD for a stupidly low cost. He thought it was too good to be true, but the guy offered a demo to prove it and copied a (Presumably) bootleg movie in its entirety over to to the SSD, and let the reporter watch part of it, and sure enough, it played. He let the reporter do it on his own, and even let him look at it in device manager/windows manager.

He Bought it, and couldn’t get it to store his videos properly back in the States. Turned out, it was a clever bit of hardware and software ingenuity. The drive had a case and 2 bolts with a 512 MB flash drive on the inside. The firmware of the drive had been adjusted to make the 512mb drive think it was actually 500GB. When it would fill up with over 512mb of data, it would start erasing the oldest data. Thanks to indexing and hardy software playing, the program playing the video was able to pick up in the middle where the video, in its mind started—The reporter had assumed it was just picking up where it was last left off, and because of the indexing in the file, so did the actual video player.

While, neoform said that he was duped similarly when he bought couple for 2TB USB drives from China.

[–]neoform 3 points

When I was in China last year I picked up a few USB keys:

When you plug them into your computer, they actually report as 2TB. Of course, if you tried putting 2TB worth of data, you’ll be losing that data pretty quickly.

Therefore it is worthwhile to buy such gadgets from China from reputed companies only. It would also be advisable to not fall prey to cheap memory products because 90 times out 100, you will be duped similarly.

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  1. I bought a dud tablet (Chuwi HI10) from China. It came from Amazon too. I opened it up to find the wires from the battery had been cut and reattached. They wont give me a refund, they’re trying to claim *I* broke it! Dont buy electronics from China!


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