Want to build your own cyborg cockroach army? It will only cost you $30

Build your own army of Arduino cockroaches for under $30

Have you taken a look at the armies of the world? It must have cost a fortune to build them right? Did you have an ambitious plan to build your own private army but always discarded the idea because it was far too expensive. Fear not, because your dream will come true thanks to a $30 Arduino Micro board. So what exactly are you going to use it on? On cockroaches of course. Yes, that is correct, you can build your own private cockroach army and it will only set you back worth $30 of components.

So how does it work? It is actually pretty simple. By stimulating a cockroach’s antenna with variable frequencies (for mimicking neural signals) you can actually convince the cockroach that they have to move in whatever direction you see fit. This will result in a remote controlled cockroach army.


In order to complete the setup, it requires a mini backpack that contains an Arduino Micro wired into the cockroach. Although some minor surgery will be required on the insect, you will obviously not have to possess the same skills as a surgeon in order to complete the process.

However, there is one drawback that might limit you; keep in mind that cockroaches are able to re-grow their broken limbs as well as their antennae, meaning that they will realize that they are being controlled sooner or later.

There is a video given below showing you how this is possible. After watching the video, did you ever want to build your own private cockroach army? Let us know the answer.

Source: YouTube

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