This Android App can turn old smartphones into full fledged security system

This Android App turns any smartphone into security camera.

You can view the video stream from any Android smartphone/tablet or desktop

Many a times you may be faced with a situation where you should be present at some place but due to some reasons you need to be somewhere else. What can you do to monitor such a situation despite of being far from it. Perch App for Android smartphones/tablets brings you a pretty decent solution by turning your old smartphone into a full fledged security system.

Instead of requiring customers to buy additional hardware, Perch lets you use any USB-based webcam, smartphone, laptop or tablet as the point of capture. The Perch app allows you to dictate the area of the screen you wish to monitor and send an alert when it notices unusual movements.

Furthermore, you can take action when those alerts happen. Unlike most smart home monitors on the market which can only record and show you what’s happening, Perch lets you stream yourself back to the smartphone or tablet currently monitoring your home and to do something about it.

For example, if you notice your precious baby doing something which it should not do, you can start a video chat to the monitoring device to tell your baby to stop.

Perch will offer unlimited, encrypted video monitoring for a 30-day period. Although it does not have a monetization model just yet, it hopes to learn more from its first set of users before creating subscription plans.

Perch is available today for Android devices running version 4.1 or later, and connects via Wi-Fi only at launch. The iOS app is under development.

Reddit users have raised a pertinent question about how to set a smartphone for continuous monitoring given the battery limitations. In this regard, most Android smartphones can be connected directly to the AC plug point by removing the battery. As such, if you set up your old smartphone wired-in to an AC outlet, you can monitor a situation continuously without worries of the battery running out.

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